Over 40's woman with Natural grey hair

‘Hair and Makeup for Women Over 40.’


 Are you looking for…. 

  • A make-up and beauty mentor to help you navigate through the overwhelm?
  • Hair advise for the over 40’s?
  • A holistic approach to health and beauty so you can look and feel your best at 40 and beyond?

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Hi, I’m Mel, your beauty bestie and makeup mentor.

I love helping women over 40 with their hair and makeup to inspire confidence and conviction as they navigate their 40s and beyond.

Where it all started…..

Back in 2016, the year I turned 40, I began my natural silver hair transition. That’s where the name Silver Styling came from.  You can read my full Going Grey transition story here.

I’m a Hair and Makeup artist, based primarily in London and the author here on Silver Styling.  I love mentoring women through the hair, makeup and beauty overwhelm, so they can look and feel their best and approach midlife and beyond with confidence and conviction.



I am here to encourage you to be your best from the inside out as you approach your 40’s and beyond.

You can find more about me here.

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