About me

I’m Mel and it’s lovely to meet you.

I’m 45, a wife and a mum of 3 daughters- who are 20, 16 and 13.

I was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia but I now live in the UK- London and Essex and have done for over 20 years but I still have my Aussie accent.

Some may call me a Grey Hair Influencer but I prefer to call myself an Encourager. I like to show women that grey hair is a wonderful choice.
At the same time I recognise it may not be everyone’s choice but it’s quite often a choice all the same.

I stopped dying my hair in 2016 and now have a full head of natural silvery grey, which I love.

It’s never been so healthy. I like to show women, by taking care of my hair, how going grey is not the negative change that perhaps we thought it would be.

I’m a blogger/writer here on Silver Styling and I wrote a recipe book, which I self published back in the day when my girls were babies.

I’m a certified Stylist and Colour Consultant

I also have a Diploma in Photography and Media Make up.
Primarily, I provide a service online for women both through my writing and social content. I also freelance as a colour stylist and makeup artist.

Back in 2001, I qualified as a Personal Trainer. My life has taken me down the makeup and styling route, but I do know a thing or two about health and wellness. I hope to share more of this here as the blog progresses.

You will find my recommended cruelty free hair and make up products via the review pages. Products I love and use as a makeup artist and on myself. Helping you make the best choices and saving you money and time.

You will find hair and makeup content and everything in between to help inspire you to be your best from the inside out as you approach 40 and beyond.

I do use affiliate links throughout the articles and pages, which may lead to me getting a small commission. If you do want to buy any products I recommend or review then know that you are helping me to keep the content coming and it’s very much appreciated.

Do consider joining me and this amazing community of like minded women. We help lift each other up through the ups and downs of our individual and shared journeys.

Pop over to @silver_styling for daily bite sized content to help inspire you to look and feel your best.

Don’t forget to introduce yourself via the contact form here or through Instagram Direct Message. I look forward to meeting you.

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