4 Steps to Fuller Lips without Fillers

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By Mel - 4 min read

When I decided to embrace my natural grey hair, I fell in love with red lipstick again.

However with age, I had noticed that my lips had lost some fullness, which is why I am sharing these 4 steps to fuller lips without fillers using makeup hacks. These easy steps go a long way to help create more plumped lips.

Most people would love to have fuller lips, however the fact is that lips can lose their fullness with age due to a loss of collagen. If this is an issue for you, then fear not, I have 4 Steps to Fuller Lips without Fillers. I use these steps on myself and my make up clients to achieve a beautiful pout.

You will need;

  1. A lipstick colour. The one I am using here is Le Rouge by Itsmycolour and it is a red that suits every skin tone and colouring. The other red lipstick I am loving at the moment is TheBalm Liquid Lipstick Meet Matt(e) Hughes in the shade loyal. They also have some other beautiful shades.

2. A creamy lipliner in a similar colour to your lipstick. Make sure it glides along the skin. You don’t want the pencil to drag, instead it should glide. I am using Retro Red by Itsmycolour but there are many others. You can find other similar products in Shop the Look at the bottom of the blog post. I am especially loving 3ina the Automatic Lip Pencil. This Spanish makeup brand have a high quality cruelty free makeup, which I am so glad I discovered.

3. A highlight and a contour powder. I am loving Natasha Denona Sculpt and Glow Palette. This palette will be an investment and has multi uses and lasts a long long time. Great for mature skin. I absolutely love this brand.

4. You will need a fluffy eye blending brush to apply the highlight. I would invest in a set of eye makeup blending brushes. They will totally up your makeup game and can be used for this look too. I found this one from Look Fantastic called Luxie Essentials Brush Set, which has all the brushes you need for eyes and lips at a great price.

5. A eye blending brush, which you may already have, but if not my recommendation would be the Luxie Essential Brush Set as the smaller brush with the small tip is excellent for applying the contour. Make sure your contour is well blended. Use your finger to blend or another clean blending eye brush.

Below is my Step by Step video guide:


Step 1 to Fuller Lips without Fillers:

Take your highlight powder and use a small fluffy eye brush and apply to the upper part of the lip onto the cupids bow. Then take your contour powder and use a more precise brush and run it along the outer edge of your lower lip and then use a small clean fluffy brush or your finder to blend.

Step 2 to Fuller Lips without Fillers:

Take your freshly sharpened lip liner and place a cross in the centre of your top lip under your cupids bow. If you have very thin lips, take the pencil just outside the lip line but very slightly. Then draw a lie at the centre of the bottom lip. Again if you have very thin lips, then take the line just outside the edge of your lip.

Then take the lipliner from the outer edge of the lip into the centre on each corner (so 4 corners- each side of the top and each side of the bottom) and take it to where your cross is under the cupids bow. And do this method until you have a line all the way around your lips.

Then fill your lips in with pencil.

Step 3 to Fuller Lips without Fillers :

Take your lipstick and apply it straight from the stick or with a lip brush and sweep it across the bottom lip and them rub your lips together and fill in any gaps at the top with lipstick.

Step 4 to Fuller Lips without Fillers:

Take a cotton bud from the outer corner and blend and fill the corners working inwards. Do this on each corner of the top and bottom lips. Glide the cotton bud over the lip shape you have created gently to remove excess. Don’t forget to take any excess lipstick from the inner part of your mouth the avoid getting lipstick on your teeth (we’ve all been there!)

Taking your time and doing these 4 Steps to Fuller Lips without Fillers, will honestly be more flattering, your lipstick will be less likely to ‘bleed’ and it will last longer. Spending just a few more minutes on your lipstick makes all the difference. When you’re out and about, you already have the ‘foundation’, so all you need to do is top up the colour with your lipstick.


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I hope this article has given you a little lipstick Inspo.

Honestly, wearing lipstick is such a huge morale booster, and I just love it against natural grey hair. Even if you are having to wear a mask (can you tell this was written during the pandemic?) which many of us are having to do at the time of this writing.

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Until next time,




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