Blush Placement for a Facelift Over 40

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Blush Placement for a Facelift Over 40.  Blush Placement is important to consider if you want to lift the face.  Remember though, that we don't need makeup to feel worthy and to feel confident. That's an inside job. Confidence comes from within and has nothing to do with makeup or what we put on our face.   You may benefit from checking and reminding yourself that you are just as worthy and beautiful with or without makeup. Saying that, if I am going to wear makeup, I want it to be applied well to give a flattering appearance. I want it to enhance my natural features rather than just slapping on a makeup mask. Adding the right colour and undertones to the skin when applying makeup also does wonders for all skin to lift the complexion. But it’s especially true as the skin matures.

Be sure that blush is placed at the higher points of the face and anywhere the sun hits the face as this will help to give a lifted appearance . This keeps makeup looking seamless on the face rather than a mask.

Don’t forget to blend, blend and blend some more.

Blush Placement is an easy way to give  you a face lift now you are over 40.

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