Full Brows After 40

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You can tell an era usually by looking at a woman’s brows. Remember the fine brows of the 90’s?
Some of us have never recovered from the over plucking 😩😂. Here is one way to create Full Brows After 40.

Now it’s all about a full brow but not all of us have it naturally especially peri and post menopause.

This is a quick and easy way to create some fullness.

Another important element that goes hand in hand with this technique is getting the right shade.

Match the overall shade of your hair if it’s grey or match it to one of your hair tones.

I like a darker brow usually, so will go for the shade that matches some of my darker hair streaks.

If fully white you may prefer a taupe. It may take some experimenting. I find good g to a counter and asking the makeup artist for advise on shades is helpful.

Please feel free to share in the comments any tips on how you create full brows after 40 or any tips you find helpful for brows.

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