How to get Flawless Skin After 40

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How to get Flawless Skin After 40? All you need is a few additions to your skincare and makeup and you will have flawless skin and you can say goodbye to dull skin forever.

The Solution for Dull Tired Skin after 40

How to get Flawless Skin After 40?

While I’m here to share skincare tips ideal for your 40’s and beyond to get you to flawless skin, I’m also the first to advocate positive self messages. Empowering self talk goes way beyond how we look physically!

Saying that, it’s perfectly ok to look at making changes to your skincare and makeup if you feel your skin isn’t it’s best and you are looking for solutions to lift the complexion or steer away from dull skin.  I am an advocate of anything that is likely to improve your confidence as you navigate your way through your 40’s and beyond.



Clear Skin on woman over 40

After- Skin is Clear and Glowing

Skin condition/rash on over 40 woman

Before- Skin has an Unsightly Rash.

Dull skin could be a reflection that you need to look into updating your skincare as part of your self care routine. Adding these Skincare Tips as your skin matures, can really support your existing skincare routine and the results you see.

This is particularly relevant after 35-40 as the skin starts to change and you transition into peri menopause. It’s a fact that the skin loses its natural glow and elasticity as we age, but that doesn’t mean goodbye to flawless, glowing skin.

Adding a few tweaks to your skincare and make up routine will help you to get Flawless Skin After 40

Using myself as an example, above left is me before any targeted skincare intervention and above right is my skin 6 months later.

I want to use my images above to show you how, making a few tweaks to skincare, can really help the skin. The image on the left is what my skin looked like for years while I was not looking after my body and skin adequately and above right is 6 months later.

Thankfully, I started noticing an improvement by 3 months.  I had glycolic facials regularly and I improved my skincare regime to include products that targeted my skin’s needs. Products that were for sensitive skin and were anti ageing. My rash had completely disappeared by 6 months after making these changes. I have no doubt that hair dye was also contributing to the rash and I removed hair dye from my ‘toxic load’ list.

When the skin is healthy and hydrated from the inside out, it has a lovely glow to it.

Think about when you’re on holiday and the sun hits the high points of your face. It’s something we most probably took for granted in our youth. That’s what we get back by adding just a few steps to your skincare routine.

I have been adding these Skincare Steps to my daily routine and did see an instant glow to my complexion. I have had great personal results after a decade or more redness and acne.

As a makeup artist, I use the below steps before I even think about applying makeup onto my client.  Most clients love to hear of ways to bring out their natural beauty. That is why I wanted to share these flawless skin steps with you!

Note; I am assuming you have a basic skincare in place.

Ideally your basic skincare will consist of;


Hyarulonic Serum

Eye Cream


A separate SPF for the daytime.

Add steps 1-6 below to your standard skincare and makeup routine for Flawless Skin After 40.


Add a Glow Tonic or Exfoliate a few times per week

I recommend you add either a glow tonic or AHA facial exfoliant after you cleanse.  I use REN Glow Tonic and/or Space NK AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser.

This addition will help slough away any dead skin cells and enable the skin to ‘breath’.  I’m not a skin expert by any stretch (I’m a makeup artist), but what I can tell you is that i was amazed at how much difference it made to my skin and when I use it on dull skin on my clients.


Moisturise and then moisturise some more

Make sure your moisturiser is really adding moisture and nourishment to the skin.  If you feel any tightness you may want to add a small amount of facial oil and press it into the skin.  Mature skin can often be more on the dry side (not always but often), so make sure you give it enough moisture and nourishment and the oil can help with this.  You can use a skin oil on top of your moisturiser.

I recommend Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and Elemis Superfood Oil.  Beauty Pie also do some amazing anti ageing night creams.


Facial Primer

Now you have added these additions to your hair and makeup- ideal for women over 40, it’s now time for makeup.

Add a primer before you start applying your makeup and use one that has an Illuminating component to it such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter.  This will give you that glow from the inside appearance.


Less is more for your Foundation

As a Makeup Artist, I find it looks more flattering on mature skin if the foundation is applied lightly and slowly built upon and only on areas that need the coverage.  This is particularly true when the skin is well looked after and I have done a solid skin care routine pre makeup (how much time I spend on skincare is often time dependant!).

That’s because when the skin has a glow starting to come through from the skincare and healthy skin, I don’t need to artificially cover it up with makeup. My favourite foundation for a glowy yet decent coverage is Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation .  If there are spots or pigmentation, I can add more coverage just to those areas. I use these principles on my own skin. You can then finish your make up look.  See my articles on makeup below;


I do love an illuminator- a really good one, and there are a few on the market.  My all time favourite though is the Laura Mercier Illuminator. I use a small to medium fluffly eye blending brush or a highlight fan brush to softly ‘tickle’ the tops of the cheeks, middle of the brow, cupids bow and down the bridge of the nose.  It can also be super flattering to add some highlight to under the outer corner of the brow. Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter is another product which can be used to illuminate the skin.


Setting your Makeup

Set your makeup to enhance your glow not cover it. Don’t be afraid to use a loose setting powder but only if you have areas that tend to get oily throughout the day such as the t-zone. I recommend Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder.  Great for mature skin.

I also like to use loose powder under the inner eye (where your under eye circles are) as it can help stop mascara from moving onto the skin.

Once your makeup is complete, use a finishing spray that has a soft shimmer.  I use Anastasia Dewy Set Spray.  It sets the rest of your makeup makeup, yet doesn’t mattify the glow like a powder would.

A great tip for applying finishing spray is to apply it to a makeup sponge. Make sure it’s damp and spray a really good amount of the setting spray onto the sponge.  The sponges that have a flat surface on one side are great. I use the Real Techniques makeup sponge, then press it all over the skin.

In order to get Flawless Skin After 40, it’s also important to note that you need to keep any makeup sponges and brushes clean.  Clean them most day or every day if you can with soap and water.  This will help you to achieve flawless skin by keeping bacteria at bay.


Think about longer term benefits of drinking more water, reducing alcohol and caffeine.

Longer term, to get your skin glowing, you may need to increase your intake of water. Most days, I fill up a litre bottle of filtered water and have a glass of water every time I go to the bathroom.  That way, I know I am drinking enough.

Keep caffeine intake to a minimum.  This is the area I find difficult, but i have stopped drinking coffee after 2 pm.  Caffeine is a diuretic and is therefore not your skin’s best frined

Keep alcohol to a minimum.  Many of us love a drink and I am no exception, but I have managed to reduce my intake of alcohol to only now and then with great benefits to my skin.  Too much alcohol robs your skin and potential health over time.  Is it worth it?



Exercise is a wonderful way of getting the blood pumping and bringing a natural glow to the skin. If you’re not in a regular exercise routine, try the many apps out there to help you work out from home or go for a brisk daily walk.

I am loving the Fiit app at the moment and I do classes 3-4 times a week from pilates to dumbbell weights. It’s convenient and and varied so you never get bored. I do the 25 minute work outs plus I walk my dog most days for 20 mins.

The above tips will help you achieve flawless skin after 40. These steps will lift your complexion from the inside out.

As a make up artist, I have seen women in their 50’s and 60’s, ( those who take care of their skin and health) have a better skin condition than women in their 30’s. That is certainly true for me and that can be you too.

Adding these steps will be your answer to the question, How to get Flawless Skin After 40.  They will give you instant glow, and you can say goodbye to dull skin forever. All you need to think about is adding these key steps to your daily skincare and make up routine consistently, keep optimal hydration, stay active and most importantly- make your happiness a priority because that always shines through.

Do consider joining the newsletter where I hope to help you with hair and makeup to inspire confidence after 40 and beyond.  I hope to see you soon.



Please note: I am not an expert in skin.  These are tips that I have found personally helpful and that I use on my clients as a Make Up artist.  Please consult a doctor before stating any new regime.


Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a small commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.



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