How to Take Care of Gray Hair to Keep it Shiny and Moisturised.

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By Mel - 7 min read

Including Tips on How to Reduce Yellowing in Gray Hair and Keep it Shiny.

How to Take Care of Gray Hair to Keep it Shiny and Moisturised. As a woman of 45 with gray hair, I have discovered that my hair still needs a helping hand. Gray hair can be susceptible to yellowing and dryness. Thankfully there are some easy ways to keep gray hair shiny and moisturised. After all, if you choose to let your grays come through, you might as well give them the ‘wow’ factor. Here’s how.

Why does Gray Hair need special maintenance to keep it shiny and moisturised.

After the age of 35, your hair is likely to start to gray.  When your natural hair falls out, it will likely grow back in white. That’s where we get the colour grey from. It’s a mixture of pigmented hair and white hair (no pigment in the strands). This gives the overall appearance of gray.

Have you heard that gray hair is coarser than coloured hair? 

This is indeed just a myth.  However, gray hair can feel coarser due to the reduction of oil gland production. As we age, this is a natural occurrence. That’s why products that compensate for this can really help gray hair stay in optimal condition.  So, how do we Take Care of Gray Hair to Keep it Shiny and Moisturised?

5 Tips to Keep Gray Hair Moisturised and Shiny

We live in a world where there are solutions to most of our problems. Gray hair is no exception so how to we take care of gray hair to keep it shiny and moisturised?

  1. Double Cleanse with Shampoo

Choose shampoos that are for dryer hair types.  Make sure you shampoo your hair twice and concentrate on the roots of your hair only- not the ends.  

This will ensure your scalp is completely clean and the second cleanse removes any build up left on the hair.  As you rinse, the suds will gently cleanse the rest of your hair .  I started double cleansing last year with fantastic results. I like to make sure my products are clear or white as I don’t like to risk discolouration.  This moisture balancing shampoo by Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing Shampoo will help balance out moisture in the hair.

  1. Use a Conditioner for your Hair type not your Hair Colour

Use a conditioner that is for your hair type and texture.  If you have finer hair then don’t go too heavy on the conditioner. Whereas for your hair is thicker and naturally more coarse, then go for products that are heavier. Now I have gray hair, I now moisturise twice and leave the second conditioner on for 5 minutes before rinsing.  

I apply conditioner to the mid to ends of my hair, then I unknot with a wide tooth comb. I then rinse and apply a second application of conditioner, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse.  Again as per shampoo, I like to keep my products white to avoid discolouration. It really is hard to beat Philip Kinglsey’s Moisture Balancing Combination Conditioner for finer hair. If your hair is thick and coarse or very dry then go for Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Enriching Conditioner, which will help keep dryer hair types soft and shiny and help to replenish your hair’s moisture levels.

  1. Apply Leave- in Conditioner to keep hair soft and moisturised.

Applying a leave- in conditioner to your ends will make a difference to your hair’s moisture levels. This in turn will give it more shine.  I was worried if I left ‘leave in’ conditioner in my hair, it would feel I had product build up. However it did not feel anything other than softer and silkier. 

Once I tried it though, it created a silky soft finish to my hair once it dried. There are some fantastic products out there, but the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense Leave is difficult to beat. You can add blonde drops such as IGK Blonde drops to the product to make it perfect for grey hair.  It also doubles as a heat protector.  This is the hardest working hair product I own and is a must for those with gray hair.  

  1. Never forget to Heat Protect.

If you heat style your hair, consider using a heat protectant. This will help your silver hair to stay shiny and moisturised.  Heat can dry out the hair, so choose a leave in conditioner as well as a heat protector.  There are many on the market, but Quai Heat Protection spray is brilliant. The spray bottle makes it easy to distribute through the layers of your hair.

  1. Approach Heat Styling with Caution.

In order to keep your salt and pepper hair shiny and moisturised, keep heat to a minimum. Use heat that is on a medium setting to avoid burning, which will result in discolouration and split ends. Babyliss Midnight Luxe Straighteners are the ultimate in my opinion. They have settings ranging from 100- 200 degrees celcius.

I occasionally use these straightening irons, but only on a lower heat level and never more than once a week.  I also leave my hair with a natural wave from time to time to give it a break from styling. The other way I style is to let my gray hair dry naturally. I then use curling tongs on my dry hair, on a medium setting. This gives me lovely bouncy waves until I next wash my hair.  I often have to stretch out my hair between wash days with braids and other hairstyles.  You can find plenty of inspirational ideas on my instagram page @silver_styling.

Solutions for Yellow Staining on Gray Hair

If you have more white strands than dark, then you are very likely to experience yellowing and discolouration.  It’s inevitable particularly if you live in a hard water area or you swim in chlorinated water. Perhaps you work in a polluted environment.  Using a purple shampoo every other wash can help to counteract any yellowing and/or discolouration in the hair. The Moroccan Oil Blonde Perfecting Shampoo is one of the best I have tried and is cheap. 

There are also some great gentle toning shampoos or gray hair rinses on the market that can help.  Stay away from any blue toners though, as the mix can cause hair strands to go green.  One of my favourites is Bold Uniq’s Toning Shampoo.  

If you’re not sure, go for products that are targeted for gray hair.  Sometimes you can be left with a purple tinge, which never lasts more than a few washes.  If this happens, next time reduce the amount of time you leave the product in for.  Everyones hair has different levels of porosity. Start by leaving it in for the minimum time and working up if necessary.

Purple shampoos are very drying, so consider applying a hair masque after every use to keep hair from drying out.To keep gray hair shiny and moisturised, it must be kept in top condition and some products can dry gray hair out.  Unfortunately purple shampoos can have a tendency to dry out the hair, so follow with a masque if possible.  Follow and use a masque. My all time favourite is Coco and Eve Like A Virgin and is suitable for all hair types.


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Gray Hair Don’t Care

You have some ideas on how to take care of gray hair to keep it shiny and moisturised. You have the information you need to enhance your gray hair, so why not embrace your natural beauty by experimenting with colour and make-up.  It is all too easy to get stuck in a rut as we get older, especially when it comes to what we wear, make- up and colour.  

Deciding to embrace your natural hair colour, can be the perfect opportunity to try new ways to style.  There are plenty of inspirational articles and influencers, helping you with new ideas and ways to style up your look. My Instagram @silver_styling page is full of hair styles, make- up tips and styling tips on colour to get you started. Here is a makeup tutorial to help get you inspired with your makeup.

Many women go through a complete transformation as a result of ditching the dye and embracing their natural hair colour.

Hair is part of our bodies, so we need to keep it healthy. Incorporate a well balanced diet and approximately 2 litres of water a day.   This will help keep your new hair growth in tip top condition.  Together with implementing the above tips, you will have grey locks that you will be proud of.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you’d like to stay in the loop and stay inspired with all things hair, makeup and styling after 40. I share all the things including natural grey hair inspiration. Join the VIP newsletter here.

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  1. Too many have no clue that shampoos that grow your hair fast (obviously with no sulfates, no parabens, no DEA) are a thing. Persons can now attain longer hair and attain more alternatives. Definitely worth reading.

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