Jane Iredale Circle Delete Concealer Review

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By Mel - 4 min read

Jane Iredale Circle Delete Concealer Review. My preference for a concealer is always one that provides colour correcting. That’s because a good majority of my efforts to conceal are to cover up colour under the eyes.

The Jane Iredale Circle Delete concealer does just that but works that little bit harder than others on the market. Which is why it is my choice for mature skin.

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This is by no means the only colour correcting concealer on the market- there are others. However, I found that this one glides on easily, while others were more difficult to blend.

It contains ingredients that are perfect for mature skin and 100 percent cruelty free. I use the peach concealer #2 and use the peach colour first to counteract the purple colouring under my eyes. I then apply the colour that is similar to the shade of my foundation..just slightly lighter over the top of the peach. You can blend the colours together to get the exact shade you want.

What makes this concealer so good?

When I looked into the ingredients in this concealer, I could see they were mostly ingredients that were moisturising, nourishing, protecting and healing. They tick all the boxes in terms of targeting problems often associated with mature skin.

For starters, you want your concealer to glide on, particularly for products that are applied around the delicate eye area. As we age the skin gets softer and more delicate. A light tapping motion or soft sweep with a brush is all you need to do to apply product.

The concealer is described by Jane Iredale as an eye conditioner due to it’s healing and moisturising properties. Ingredients include moringa butter and avocado oil, which are both high in Vitamins A, C,D and E. Whilst also containing green tea extract, which is a potent anti oxidant.

Who is this concealer ideal for?

This concealer is suitable for everyone, but in particular those with mature skin (over 35). You will most definitely benefit from this product if you have dark circles.

That’s thanks to the ingredients and anti oxidants that help counteract the effects of ageing as mentioned above, whilst also helping to counteract discolouration and covering up imperfections.

It can also be used to top up your foundation on areas that need more coverage and/or colour correcting. For me, that would be around my nose and my chin area.

What are the main ingredients and what are they good for?

The main ingredients in this product are avocado oil, moringa butter and Green Tea extract and vitamins that specifically target problem areas of the skin and help promote good skin health. Let’s examine 3 main ingredients-

  1. Avocado oil– Contains a high percentage of vitamin E, as well as potassium, lecithin which help to nourish and moisturise the skin. It also contains Oleic Acid, which promotes collagen production, which helps skin renewal. A wonderful property to be found in any of your makeup and skincare!
  2. Moringa Oil– Moringa oil is from a plant called the oleifera tree and it’s the seeds that contain the oil. The benefits of this oil are wonderful for all anti ageing skin concerns. It enhances skin barrier recovery, and helps heal skin damage. Whilst also being extremely moisturising.
  3. Green Tea Extract- Green Tea extract is high in anti-oxidants and helps protect agains free radicals in the cells. Free radicals can damage the cells, so the anti oxidants in green tea, will help protect the skin. Using the product every day will heal your skin and also help to protect it from further damage, whilst keeping it moisturised and conditioned.

What is the coverage like?

The coverage is medium, but can be buildable. It acts to colour correct first and then the two colours can be mixed to get to the ideal colour. I recommend going slightly lighter than your foundation shade.

This concealer pairs really well with Jane Iredale’s A Foundation. If you’d like to see the review for that, then you can find it here.

What are the shades available?

The concealer comes in 2 shades;

Concealer #1- Yellow (for warmer skin tones)

Concealer #2- Peach (for cooler skin tones)

I am pale with a slight pink to my skin, so I use concealer #2

Is it suitable for vegans?

This is not suitable for vegans as it contains beeswax. It IS however, 100 percent cruelty free.


Jane Iredale Circle Delete Pros and Cons.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Many anti-ageing benefits
  • Colour correcting
  • Great for dark circles
  • Easily applied and buildable
  • Can use both shades to get an exact colour match
  • Available for cool and warm undertones


  • Not suitable for vegans
  • More expensive than other concealers
  • Not a heavy concealer
  • Not many colours to choose from

I hope you enjoyed the Jane Iredale Circle/ Delete review and you found it helpful. Like I always say, please don’t just take my word for it. Check out amazon for full reviews on the product so you can decide for yourself.



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