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This is what happened when I stopped Dyeing my Hair

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  1. Kerry lavelle says:

    Hi Mel , thankyou for sharing your silver hair journey, and life journey with us, I am also transisoning to silver hair new year’s eve tonight and my silver roots are starting to shine through I’m at the first month, also as you wrote like wise I really feel like I need to be me and what ever makes me feel better and happier, I’m a bit lost sometimes which direction do I want to take , am I ever going to be good enough, am I confident enough all Ifs

    1. Hi Kerry. Thank you so much for your comment. yes it can totally feel like that at first but from my experience, I have never felt better about myself and I love my hair colour and there is no reason why you won’t feel that way too. The first few months are the most difficult generally but once you’re through that then the rest is a breeze. I found it empowering and confidence building and I really wish I’d not waited so long but it’s all in the timing. Happy New Year and do keep in contact. Mel 😊

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