What Colours to Wear when Going Grey?

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By Mel - 4 min read

Let’s look at the facts.

Whilst we tend to wear colours that we love, there are colours that will always suit us more than others. That’s because we all have different undertones to our skin that fall into two parts- warm or cool. Warm tones is when you have yellow undertones to your skin and cool tones is when you have blue undertones to your skin.

Many women ask me whether they need to change the colours they wear when going grey.  Some may feel that the colours they wore when they dyed their hair no longer suit them. However do you really need to wear different colours when going grey?

With this knowledge of colour in relation to skin, the colour of our hair in this context is irrelevant.  It’s our skin that determines what colours we are most suited to.  So if you were brunette in your twenties and a colour consultant told you that you have yellow (warm) undertones to your skin, then when you decide to go grey, the same colours which suited you then, will still suit you now when you are going grey.  The same is true for blue (cool) undertones.

The best way to find out what undertone you are is to get this assessed by a colour consultant.  I offer this service online, but you may prefer to meet a local colour consultant.  Just make sure that when booking a consultation that the person is properly certified and trained by a reputable company.  

I am certified Colour Stylist and Image Consultant with Its My Colour. A reputable company with more than 2 decades of experience in the colour styling industry. As a stylist, not only can I find your undertone, but also the season in which you belong to. The season will be a spectrum of colours that work best with your complexion. More about this later in the article.

I will explain the difference in skin when wearing the wrong colours compared to wearing the right colours.

When you wear colours that don’t have the same tone as your skin, it can make skin look yellow, grey, washed out, giving you a tired look.  You may find when you are wearing colours that don’t suit your skin, people may say you look tired or pale.  

When you wear the right colours, you will straight away feel a boost to your mood.  Wearing the colours that suit you the best will lift your complexion, put colour in your cheeks, brighten your eyes and look fresher. Some have commented that they feel like they look as if they have just returned from a holiday. Here is some images to give you a ‘feel’ for what I mean.

Colours that don’t suit your undertone may give you a sallow look.
Colours that Suit your Undertone will give you a boost.

It really is amazing when you stop and take the time to really see the difference to a person’s complexion when you compare warm and cool against their skin.

Here are the different seasons you may belong to;


Autumn– muted warm colours- think autumn leaves and country living

Spring– bright warm colours- think spring gardens and children’s toys



Summer-muted cool colours- think hazy summer days, wild flowers, candy floss and pastels

Winter– bright cool colours- lots of contrast- black and white, stunning strong colours with a blue undertone.

In a nutshell, you don’t need to change the colours you wear now you are going grey.  However now may be the time to spend quality time on you.  Get to know what colours suit you and what gets you glowing. 

I highly recommend having a colour stylist find your season. This will give you such a boost in confidence, lift your mood, save you money (because you won’t be wasting money on clothes that don’t work with your complexion). It will also help you stop wasting your time deliberating about whether something suits you or not… because you will know!

I hope you enjoyed todays article and it has inspired you with colour and cleared up the confusion on whether colours change when your hair colour changes. Now you know what Colours to Wear when Going Grey and the answer is colours that suit your undertone and belong in your personal season. You can find out about ItsMyColour’s online service here or message me here for more information. We cover most countries.

Please feel free to comment on whether you have had your colours analysed and how that has helped you on your journey to grey or whether its something you would like to find out.

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